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3 reasons why one should invest early!

We keep hearing from everyone around us to save money (Well, not teens, but definitely the elders of the family or your surroundings). Yes, it is true that you should save money but then you have heard it so often that it has become just a tip that everyone gives, and everyone will have their own tips and ideas of what their definition of 'Saving Money' is.

Ask me personally, I say instead of saving money, INVEST money. We are living in an age and time where it is all about working smart. There is a research article made available by Rand Corp. on the benefits of investing early which you can read here and download the ebook for it too!

This is just an introductory article on our Investment series and the same will be continued and updated periodically by our qualified and capable mentors who are experts in the field of finance and investments.

1. Technology is your friend

There are many platforms, brokerages, and discount brokerages that are available are available at your disposal and right on your fingertips. Everything is available and everything is online! The current generation is more than equipped to handle technologies and gadgets which was/is a challenge for the previous gen. So make the most of your skills and research and read on it.

2. Power of Compounding

The earlier you invest, the bigger your corpus gets. Time is a luxury that teens have and one should definitely put it to right use. Investing early = Reaching your target of how much money you would want as your retirement fund before time. Does not necessarily mean that you retire early, but it will be one less thing to worry about. (Personally, I believe one should not really retire and stay active with any work till you are physically and mentally capable).

3. Variety of Instruments to Invest

Today there are a lot of venues and instruments that are available where you can invest and being young gives you the freedom of having a higher risk appetite. Your age is your boon.

So stay tuned as we will soon pass the baton to our mentors who will guide you with the minutia of it.

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