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A path where a teen and parent see eye to eye

Curated by Pratik Rathod

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

Leo Tolstoy

"QUIET QUITTING" is a new trend, and I read an interesting article about it that got me thinking - Teens growing up rarely see eye-to-eye on many things with their parents/elders (I agree it has been going on for generations and it's not a new age problem), and how can that gap be filled and that bridge built?

The most fundamental step to address this is to understand that neither is wrong - they just see things differently.

The World of a Teenager

Teens want to move ahead with a very practical and logical approach, a lot of that also stems from their memory of their parents having to deal with things that could've been avoided if they had done things differently then. Subconsciously they evolved their way of doing things, seeing things, and people. We think that they are just teens being teens. The notion stands true but a lot has changed since it was coined too. Let's pause for a moment, and contemplate what any average teenager has to deal with on a daily basis:

  • Information overload,

  • Life moving at hyper-speed,

  • Academics and its pressures,

  • The struggle to be 'seen'/'heard',

  • External scenarios have become too dynamic in nature with constant changes - you never know what will last for how long, and imagine studying years for that!

  • Short attention patience which leads to impatience

It may not feel much to an adult, but see the world through the lens of a teenager who has to deal with all of this AND figure out which profession would suit their abilities and passion the most.

From the eye of a Parent

Every generation eventually becomes a 'Sandwich Generation' and that's a fact. The sandwich between their parents and their children, where their parents cannnot make sense of this new world and the children cannot understand the notion of clinging on to the old world ways. The world is changing drastically and rapidly and with each passing day, it is a challenge to make sense of everything that is transpiring around. We've tried to point out what a teen goes through and now let's see the changing world from the lends of a parent - mind you, all of these are over and above the fact that they have to earn for everything that money can buy:

  • They understand where their parents are coming from and they have to understand where their children are heading to,

  • The world is growing increasingly intolerant and you have to be politically correct about almost everything

  • Sudden 'wokeness' and the YOLO culture

  • The dizzying pace that the world is changing at, and having to keep up with it else the distance from their children will just keep compounding

  • Maintaining the Work-Life Balance

  • Societal obligations. Their parents/elders impose how things are to be done, and children consider that as an unnecessary burden that will never bear any fruit

To a teenager, all of this is a fuss that can be avoided and they firmly believe that they will do things differently, will they truly be able to? Only time will tell.

It is not about who's right or who's wrong as neither are completely right nor they are completely wrong. It is all subjective and circumstantial. The idea and intention of this post is to start an open dialogue where the parents and children are able to understand each other and find a middle ground without any discord or them growing apart.

All it will take is - a little bit of tolerance, a little bit of understanding, a little bit of compassion, some patience, and lots of love!

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well said. Starting a conversation with an open mind most often leads to positive results for all parties involved

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