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Are you truly Work Ready? If there are jobs, then where is the youth?

The most important declaration with which we will start this new series on Corporate Culture - It is not wrong to want to pursue a job, or start a new business of your own, or become an artist, an entertainer, or even a masseuse if you want to. Whatever you do, do it with all your heart.

Food for Thought: A LinkedIn’s Workplace Culture report statistically clarifies that nearly 9 of 10 millennials are willing to work for a lesser pay to work for companies whose ethos and beliefs align their own own.

coworking space for millennials

In all honesty, there is no dearth of manpower/employees in any sector. I will come to my point, just hang on a minute.

India is populous enough to take care of all its staffing solutions. Then why do we still hear conversations and murmurs which convey that companies/employers cannot find the right fit? With a population running in multiples of millions, we should be more than content with the prospects right? Then why the contradictory conversations?

Key Point: Yes, there are many prospects and a lot of applicants. There is a lot of youth, but where is the employable youth?

The dearth is not in applications and prospects, the dearth is in the quality of applicants and prospects.

I am not saying that the education system is at fault here, it is just trying to keep up with the changing times, especially with the introduction of New Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) - which is another discussion altogether but we’ll get to that another time. We somehow and somewhere lost track of the quality of prospects when suddenly education became a commercial setup rather than an aspiration to empower youth who will eventually be the face of the future.

Either the students are focused on honing just one skill with the idea ‘Master of One’ without having a fundamental idea of all relevant and co-related skills or they are just generically learning whatever is being taught to them, which adds to their confusion of what is truly their forte. This unbeknownst herd-mentality leads to their skills and potentials remaining untapped and forever being lost in the midst of the all hoopla surrounding the ones who steal the limelight.

This is not a criticism of the system, far from it. It is more of a wake-up call for the ones mindlessly, aimlessly wandering around, waiting for things to somewhere somehow fall into place for them. Well, they won't fall into place if you don’t do something about it!

Our Perspective: It is essential to truly hone one specific skill-set of your choice and liking, but it is also imperative for you to gain enough knowledge of complementing and co-related skill-sets too.

One can’t be oblivious to what is happening in the world around them and just mindlessly apply for a job, start a business or pursue a vocation of your calling.

In this series, we embark on a journey of our mentors conveying, from their experience and area of expertise, how teens of today should ideally prepare and brace themselves when they step out in the real world of jobs, businesses and work.

It’s ok to not want to do something that’s over-the-top. It’s ok to not want to do something that will always keep you over the edge. It’s ok to do something that is less stressful because the peace of mind means more than the stress of the job. If that is the case, then here is a list of 30 Low Stress Jobs that you can consider.

For Employers: It would truly help for you to understand how this new and liberated generation functions too! An article on Predictive Index sheds more light on this. Do read it!

So, stay tuned. We are eager to assist you in every way we can!

Connect. Stimulate. Energize.

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