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Marching towards an opportunity or a job!

harmeet anand consultant

Curated by Harmeet Anand

HR Manager

If you truly want to standout then the only way to make that happen is to improve the approach towards skill development and means to achieve it.

While you are rushing to get a degree or certificates, it is important to reflect if you are employable. The current focus has been on getting the high pay package instead of mastering a field of your interest. Initially you may manage a high package but will not match up as you move ahead. Why did it fizzle out?

So what truly makes us employable?

We all must commit to learning and upgrading our skills in respective fields. Consider trends in IT companies, they find it is a challenge to hire a technical team even today as very little importance is given basic logical concepts or coding. Plus, technical questions asked in the interview or problem statement are from real time project issues not from syllabus. It is challenging only if you have not stepped out of your comfort zone.

Question for you: Would you hire someone who has the knowledge but unable to apply it logically and find solutions?

As you move up the ladder, your technical expertise and ability to find solution to complex cases will play a key role for your success. That is when you will bring true value to the company, applicable for any industry.

Ask yourself if you are opportunity ready?

How do you plan to add value to the field and make your mark. Here are few suggestions to consider for finding opportunities.

Driving force: What is the real reason you want to work. Are you just looking for a year on year job switch and hike to reach at financial goal or truly willing to get an opportunity? But hold on, do you real know what opportunities exist in the market or it’s just a vague idea that’s made up in your mind. At the same time, it is difficult to decide unless you know your options. So explore to know your opportunities. Now you are thinking, good!

Invest time: There are multiple ways of exploring a solution to a problem. Similarly, there are multiple ways to know your options. Have your considered increasing your knowledge base by learning a new skill or adding a sub-skill complimenting your core skill or industry trends.

  • Enroll for courses that can bring value addition. It also a good idea to get certified. But if there are budget constraints then go for free online courses which can offer valuable information since logical implementation of knowledge is what matters. It good to get some guidance from your batch mates who have done well or seniors or industry specialist.

  • Emphasis should be on real experience which won’t come unless you take up a side gig with a company or work as trainee apart from your internship. You can look at options for freelancing to solve real business problem even if initially not paid or you can negotiate based on successful completion of the project. Working on real time project and increasing your knowledge on interrelated tools or technologies helps to get an upper edge to bring clarity and develop a better vision.

  • Participate in competitions, meet-ups or conferences help you increase your horizon of thought process. Good for networking as well!

  • Build your knowledge not only in the technical front but on industry trends - how it has operated in the past, evolved and upcoming trends. Get fully involved in your field.

Connect: Networking with right people can gets you the opportunity. Maintain connection with batch mates (especially ones who are doing well) to get some tips on their approach. Join groups where actual ideas are brainstormed or real discussions are encouraged. The focus of the group should include discussion on industry trends, emerging technologies, opportunities and how one can begin. Reaching out to such groups or members will help you in the long term.

Build the skill and opportunities will follow.

The idea to step out of limited vision that you are holding in your mind. One can start on the right foot, set the platform and then choose an opportunity. All you need is to invest your time with a focused vision.


Harmeet A has pursued her MBA and is currently working as a Sr. HR Manager at Fresh Gravity (an IT consulting firm) and has over 10 years of experience in Human Resources field for start-up IT companies. Harmeet A has been extremely resourceful in recruitment process for building a core competent technical team. She loves to travel and found of painting.

You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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