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How TAP started

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

A brief introduction of how TAP came into being!

Teenage Awareness Program or TAP, is specifically designed for age group of 15 to 19 years of age.

In this day and age of hyper connectivity, social media, and constant exposure, this specific age group is always under pressure. Be it friends, peers or family, the expectations are sky-high and they are under constant stress to deliver.

With a lot of interaction with teenagers of varied groups, we observed that the general consensus among teenagers is that there is rarely anyone who truly understands them, mostly it's only their friends whom they go to for any advice.

This is where it gets interesting. For teens, the best and available source of guidance for their problems are their peers/friends. Which got us thinking, is a 17-year-old really mature and experienced enough to guide another 17-year-old with more insight and understanding?

The aim of TAP is to help teens understand and un-complicate the problems that they face on a daily basis but are unable to either express, or resolve. We intend to tap the potential that every teen has, to make them understand and believe the importance and repercussions of their actions, inactions, decisions and indecisiveness.

We intend to cover topics varying from hair care to time management, from eating habits to help them overcoming their inhibitions, shyness and complexes.

We hope the Project resonates with you, as it appealed to us too.

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